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Gaurav Kumar
來源:      發布時間:2020-05-20

Dr. Gaurav Kumar

Email: gauravsaini.iit@gmail.com; gkumar@eq.iitr.ac.in


      2013-2019 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Indian Institute of Technology, Regular/Completed(Signal processing & Roorkee, India. Controller design)

      2008-2010 Master of Engineering (ECE)     Thapar University Patiala, Regular (India)

      2002-2006 Bachelor of Technology (ECE)   Uttar Pradesh Technical Regular University Lucknow

      1999-2000 Higher secondary Uttar Pradesh Board Regular,Allahabad, (India)

      1997-1998 Secondary Uttar Pradesh Board Regular,Allahabad (India)

Research publications

l Gaurav Kumar and Ashok Kumar (2017), "Fourier transform, and particle swarm optimization based modified LQR algorithm for mitigation of the vibrations using magnetorheological dampers," Smart Mater. Struct. (IOP science), 26 115013. DOI: https://doi:10.1088/1361- 665X/aa8681

l Gaurav Kumar, Ashok Kumar, and Ravi. S. Jakka (2018), " The particle swarm modified quasi bang-bang controller for seismic vibration control," Ocean Engineering, Volume 166, 15 October 2018, Pages 105-116. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.oceaneng.2018.08.002

l Gauarv Kumar, Ashok Kumar and Ravi. S. Jakka (2018), "An adaptive LQR controller based on PSO and maximum predominant frequency approach for semi-active control scheme, “Mechanics & Industry, EDP Sciences 2018. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1051/meca/2018018

l Gaurav Kumar and Ashok Kumar (2019), " Adaptive Linear Quadratic Gaussian Controller for mitigation of seismic Vibrations," Structural Control & Health monitoring (SCHM), John Wiley Publication, (Under review)

l Gaurav Kumar (2019), " Identification of Structural Damage of Buildings sing Local Maximum Synchro squeezing Transform," IET signal processing (Under review)

l Gaurav Kumar and Kulbir Singh, "Digital Watermarking in Frequency Domain”, IJESR/July 2012/ Volume-2/Issue- 7/Article No-15/643-649 ISSN 2277-2685.

l Upendra Kumar and Gaurav Kumar, "Comparison between DWT and stationary transform-based techniques for fusion of multi-focus images”, International Journal of current engineering and scientific research (IJCESR) volume 4 issue 10 (October 2017) ISSN: 2394-0697.

l Gaurav Kumar and Kulbir Singh, "Digital watermarking & comparison of Frequency and wavelet domain watermarking”, International conference on telecommunication (ICT-2010) Kochi, 2010.

l Gaurav Kumar, "Application of time-frequency method in seismic signal Processing”, national conference ETEC-2015 at Quantum School of Technology Roorkee (U.K.), April 18,2015

l Gaurav Kumar, " Comparison between DWT and ST based techniques for fusion of multi focus images”, national conference - ETEC-2015 at Quantum School of Technology Roorkee (U.K.), April 18,2015

l Gaurav Kumar, "Digital watermarking in digital domain”, national conference - ASCOT-2012 at Quantum School of Technology Roorkee (U.K.), October 6-7, 2012

l Gaurav Kumar and Kulbir Singh, " Digital watermarking a survey”, national conference e-Manthan at CSE Jhansi- April 2-3,2010.

l Gaurav Kumar and Kulbir Singh, " Comparison of Frequency and wavelet domain watermarking", national conference at Samrat Ashok Technological Institute Vidisha (M.P.), 2010”

Teaching experience (4.5 years)

l May 2 ,2019 - Till date              VIT University, Vellore India                      Assistant Professor  (Ranked 17 in all technical universities                (Senior) including IITs in India (MHRD, NIRFRanking-2018)

l Jan 27,2018 - Feb 12, 2019 Meerut institute of Engineering Assistant Professor &Technology

l Aug 2, 2011 – Jan 01, 2013 Quantum School of Technology Assistant Professor Roorkee

l Jan 2, 2011 – July 31, 2011 Dehradun Institute of Technology Assistant Professor Roorkee

l Aug2, 2010 – Dec 31, 2010  Quantum School of Technology Assistant Professor, Roorkee

l Aug 7, 2006 - July 13, 2008   Roorkee Institute of Technology, Lecturer,Roorkee

Research experience (8 years)

l Jan 1,2015 – 31 Dec, 2018 Indian Institute of Technology Senior research fellow Roorkee, India

l Jan 1,2013 – 31 Dec, 2014 Indian Institute of Technology Junior research fellow Roorkee, India

l Aug 2,2008 – July 01, 2010      Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab,          Junior research fellow India

Subject taught at

Under Graduate level

? Microprocessor

? Analog electronics

? Signal and Systems

? Automatic control system

Post Graduate level

?  Digital signal processing

Awards / Scholarships

? GATE-2008 Qualified.

? MHRD scholarship in M.E. Course.

? MHRD scholarship Ph.D.

? Topper in the school in 10th and 12th.


? Quick learner & Patient Listener

? Positive attitude and ability to work in team

? Self-motivated & implementation ability

? Good interpersonal skills

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